Dura-Prost - Optimal Prostate Herbal

 Frequent Trips to The Bathroom

 Overwhelming Urinary Urgency     

 Diminished Firmness


Dura-Prost is a revolution in prostate health. Created in collaboration with traditional African herbalist who shared their secrets with us, Dura-Prost is effective like no other supplement for prostate support. Dura-Prost contains powerful herbs that target prostate tissue and support healthy inflammatory response. The results and effectiveness of Dura-Prost are rapid. There is no need to wait months for results as in typical prostate herbal products. The Dura-Prost revolution is here.

Care of your prostate is essential for healthy urinary flow and sexual function. Problems in these specific areas can many times be traced to prostate issues that are not related to serious disease. Instead the aging process, stress, and or lifestyle factors including diet may impact on the delicate balance of prostate health. The growth and physiological functioning of the prostate is principally governed by the hormonal and nervous systems. Dura-Prost contains herbs which specifically support the natural inflammatory process of the body. Additionally key herbs in Dura-Prost gently support the nervous system in a targeted manner directly supporting the prostate gland. Dura-Prost delivers targeted effectiveness quickly.

 Dura-Prost eschews the traditional Saw Palmetto Berry based approach to natural prostate care. Saw Palmetto positively impacts the prostate but delivers slow results.   In Dura-Prost we developed an approach which specifically uses herbs that both support the urinary system and the body's inflammatory response. No more of the effective but slow results from Saw Palmetto. Dura-Prost is a new paradigm in natural prostate herbs. Dura-Prost is the faster targeted approach to prostate health.

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What to expect

Feel results from Dura-Prost within 5-7 days when taking the suggested dose. Some men may require a longer effectivess time of up to 14-21 days.

Tips for use

Follow the instructions/suggested use on the product label. Take Dura-Prost consistenly without skipping doses. It is important to go to your licensed health care practitioner to ascertain any underlying serious prostate condition. Minimize drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee as these are known to negatively impact prostate health.

- Cut Bathroom Trips

- Uninterrupted Sleep

- Better Sexual Function


Ingredient Spotlight

Croton roots support normal prostate size, functioning and aid the body's natural inflammatory response mechanism.

Pygeum or Prunus Africana bark supports normal prostate size and broadly the health of the urinary system. Pygeum may also help maintain normal testosterone levels. Healthy testosterone levels support normal prostate size and growth.

Corn Silk has been used for centuries in many traditional healing systems across the world as an aid for urinary health.

Croton Membranaceus

Croton roots support normal prostate size, functioning and aid the body's natural inflammatory response mechanism.