Mondia Man

Mondia Man is our African herbal formula containing four powerhouse plants used in traditional herbalist for men’s health. These herbs have been selected by us based on their centuries of effective use in local folklore. Working synergistically the ingredients in Mondia Man have a cumulative effect to support your performance.

What’s in Mondia Man ? 

Mondia Whitei Root

Mondia Whitei Root is prized by men throughout Africa as an energizer and performance booster. In numerous countries Mondia Whitei can be found and its benefits are well-known. In fact its roots are often popular as chewing sticks to be enjoyed throughout the day as a “pick me up”.

Traditional herbalist look to Mondia Whitei as a major constituent to many herbal formulas made for men. Modern lab studies have shown empirical evidence for what the herbalist know to be true.

Mondia Whitei also known by local names such as Mulondo, Entengo and Gondolosi. Our Mondia Whitei is specially sourced for us by harvesters who obtain it directly from its natural habitat in the forests.

Fadogia Agrestis

Fadogia Agrestis is a well-known plant used by men throughout West Africa for peak performance. Recently Fadogia has gained popularity for its potential to support normal hormone levels.

Bulbine Natalensis

Bulbine Natalensis grows predominantly in South Africa and has been a staple in folkloric use for male performance enhancement for centuries.

Wild Cherry Bark & Leaf

Wild Cherry Bark & Leaf supports healthy blood flow and energy at the cellular level.

Suggested Use: 3 capsules twice daily.

For best results take daily for at least 14-21 days.

Ingredients: Mondia Whitei Root, Bulbine Natalensis Stem and Leaf, Fadogia Agrestis Stem, Wild Cherry Stem and Bark.

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