Frequently Asked Questions

Are your herbs organic?

Most of our herbs are organically farmed or wildcrafted directly from forests.

Your Rise and Shine works really fast is it all natural?

Yes ! It's all natural and works faster than probably all other herbal supplements for male enhancement. Through years of research and collaboration with traditional herbalist in Africa we have identified a set of key herbs that have a fast onset of activity at a long duration.

Is it ok to take your products with medication?

If you are taking any medications it is important that you check with your doctor or prescribing health professional to determine if there may be any herb-drug interactions. This should be done before taking any herbal or vitamin supplement.

How do you ship the products to me?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in the United States. Orders being shipped outside of the USA are shipped via US Postal First Class Mail or courier (if chosen by the customer).


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