The Gold Standard in Men's Health Supplements

The Gold Standard in Men's Health Supplements

  1. Mondia Man

    Mondia Man is blend of 8 herbs from around the globe specially formulated to naturally enhance testosterone production. The chief herb in Mondia Man, Mondia Whitei root, is used widely across Africa for its effectiveness as a male performance enhancer and energy booster. Recent scientific research in animal testing validates the traditional use among herbalist by showing that Mondia Whitei supports testosterone levels and male fertility. The herbs in Mondia Man work synergistically to support natural testosterone production, energy and sex drive.


    Mondia Man supports the complex dynamic through which the body naturally produces testosterone. Testosterone synthesis is a medley of physiological processes involving endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems. Signaling takes place from the Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland to the testes facilitated by neurotransmitters via the bloodstream. Mondia Man contains herbs which support this functionality as well as the Chi (energy in Traditional Chinese Herbalism).


    The foundation of robust testosterone production rests on your ability to have a strong vitality. Jing and Chi in Traditional Chinese herbalism is the basis of energy. Mondia Man supports strong Chi. Without Chi the body does not have the basis for testosterone production. 


    Research has shown an interesting dynamic between dopamine and testosterone levels in men. There must be sufficient dopamine for healthy testosterone levels. Mondia Man provides support to the nervous system providing a basis for healthy neurotransmitter levels.


    Strong blood flow is vital for overall male performance and circulation of free testosterone in the bloodstream. Mondia Man supports nitric oxide production which is key to healthy bloodflow and libido. 

  1. Rise and Shine Ultimate Blood Flow

    Rise and Shine is a herbal blend for men specially formulated to strongly enhance blood flow, endurance and excitement. The key to lasting performance lies in strong vigorous blood flow and the ability to maintain arousal. Rise and Shine our special blend of African herbs is the key to unlock your potential again.


    Your ability to perform strongly and consistently is brought about through a complex interplay of hormones, neurotransmitters and blood flow. Rise and Shine is specially formulated to support you in these areas.


    Rise and Shine swiftly supports the body's innate ability to produce nitric oxide while also supporting coenzyme Q10 levels. This combination enables the blood to flow exactly where you need it when you need it!


    Your ability to get and remain excited is derived from both healthy hormones and nervous system. Rise and Shine promotes the body's natural production of testosterone while also supporting healthy dopamine levels. Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter for excitement and pleasure centers in the brain.


    Not only must you rise to the occasion, you have to stay in the game! Endurance is the key to having a satisfying experience. Rise and Shine enables prolonged performance through supporting relaxation of the nervous system via possible activation of specific GABA receptors. 




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  1. Dura-Prost - Optimal Prostate Herbal

     Frequent Trips to The Bathroom

     Overwhelming Urinary Urgency     

     Diminished Firmness


    Dura-Prost is a revolution in prostate health. Created in collaboration with traditional African herbalist who shared their secrets with us, Dura-Prost is effective like no other supplement for prostate support. Dura-Prost contains powerful herbs that target prostate tissue and support healthy inflammatory response. The results and effectiveness of Dura-Prost are rapid. There is no need to wait months for results as in typical prostate herbal products. The Dura-Prost revolution is here.


    Care of your prostate is essential for healthy urinary flow and sexual function. Problems in these specific areas can many times be traced to prostate issues that are not related to serious disease. Instead the aging process, stress, and or lifestyle factors including diet may impact on the delicate balance of prostate health. The growth and physiological functioning of the prostate is principally governed by the hormonal and nervous systems. Dura-Prost contains herbs which specifically support the natural inflammatory process of the body. Additionally key herbs in Dura-Prost gently support the nervous system in a targeted manner directly supporting the prostate gland. Dura-Prost delivers targeted effectiveness quickly.


     Dura-Prost eschews the traditional Saw Palmetto Berry based approach to natural prostate care. Saw Palmetto positively impacts the prostate but delivers slow results.   In Dura-Prost we developed an approach which specifically uses herbs that both support the urinary system and the body's inflammatory response. No more of the effective but slow results from Saw Palmetto. Dura-Prost is a new paradigm in natural prostate herbs. Dura-Prost is the faster targeted approach to prostate health.

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