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Inyathi Testosterone Herbal

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Natural Testosterone Supplement 

Regenerate Your Vitality and Vigor Naturally

Inyathi helps -  

  • Provides Immediate Infusion of Phyto-androgens & Adaptogens
  • Support Testosterone Levels Naturally 
  • Promotes Higher Energy & Vigor  
  • Supports Healthy Blood Flow & Blood Sugar (already within normal range) 
  • Contains African Herbs known for Male Vitality 

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Inyathi is a word used in the Ndebele language of Southern Africa to represent, "Masculinity and Virility Amongst The Men"

Testosterone is the most important of androgens that in fact makes you both masculine and virile. Unfortunately, the aging process, stress, poor diet and environment toxins impairs a man's ability to maintain normal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone plays an important role across a myriad of physiological functions including sexual vitality, bone density, brain/mental functioning and acuity, cardiovascular/heart health and muscularity. Additionally Testosterone importantly underlies key aspects of our mental health and has been found to play a direct role in regulation of depression, etc.

How Does Inyathi Testosterone Support Herbal™ Work?

  • Inyathi is a highly bioavailable liquid supplement with fast absorption.
  • Inyathi supports natural testosterone production without harmful stimulation* 
  • Inyathi provides natural plant-based androgens*
  • Inyathi supports healthy blood flow critical to testosterone levels.*

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Key Ingredients

Pine Pollen

The pollen of the pine tree is rich in bioavailable phyto(plant)-androgens including testosterone and DHEA(dehydroepiandrosterone). Pine pollen offers a fast infusion of androgens while also providing a rich source of 20 amino acids including the eight that are essential to human health. Additionally Pine Pollen is a great source for a variety of both trace and macro minerals which are lacking in many diets including Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Phosporus and Manganese. As a vegetable-based source of protein, minerals and phyto-androgens, Pine Pollen is a complete wholefood.

 Wooly Morning Glory Root

Wooly Morning Glory is a plant found in the tropical climates of Africa, Asia (Southeast Asia and Southern India) and Australia. Also known as Wood Rose, all parts of the plant are utilized medicinally including leaves, flowers stem and roots for a variety of purposes in different traditional healing systems. The roots have been used historically as a potent reproductive system stimulant. Studies have shown the roots to be rich in plant steroid compounds.

 Massularia Accuminata Stem

The Massularia Accuminata bush is found predominantly in West Africa and has been used extensively for hundreds of years for its male enhancing capabilities. Modern research has validated this folkloric use by demonstrating its capacity to increase blood serum testosterone in laboratory animals.  


Take 2-3 droppers full twice daily in water or juice.

Full Ingredients

Proprietary extract blend of: Pine Pollen, Wooly Morning Glory Root, Mondia Whitei Root, Massularia Accuminata Stem, Soursop Leaf, Black Plum Leaf, Pandanus, Vinca Roseus Root, Syzygium Polycephaloides Fruit, Grain Alcohol, Water.


1. How long will it take until I feel effectiveness from Inyathi ?

Response time may vary from person to person. On average most people begin to feel the effects within 7 days of taking Inyathi. Please be consistent and follow the suggested use for best results.

2. May women take Inyathi Testosterone Booster?

Yes. However do not take Inyathi if you are pregnant or nursing.

3. May I take Inyathi if I am taking prescription drugs?

As with any herbal supplement, if you are taking prescription drugs you should consult your prescribing physician or other licensed healthcare practitioner before taking this product.