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Mondia Whitei Root Extract

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Mondia Whitei Root is prized by men throughout Africa for its male enhancement and libido boosting capabilities. Mondia Whitei also known by local names such as Mulondo in Uganda and Gondolosi in Malawi, is a scarce but much sought after by men searching for an extra boost.

Our Mondia Whitei is specially sourced for us by harvesters who obtain it directly in its natural habitat in the forests.

Traditional uses of Mondia Whitei Root in Africa include:

  • Male aphrodisiac and libido booster
  • Fertility support
  • Energy enhancement

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Traditionally Mondia Whitei Root has been used in many African countries as a male libido enhancer. Modern research has affirmed this folkloric use by showing that Mondia Whitei Roots in animal models support testosterone levels and increased desire. Our experience with Mondia Whitei has shown that it produces similar libido enhancing effects in women. 

Recent laboratory research has affirmed the longstanding traditional use of Mondia Whitei for male enhancement purposes. Recent studies in animals shows the androgenic effects of Mondia Whitei through increases in serum testosterone levels, improvements in sperm health, etc. Though these studies cannot be directly linked to the same effects in humans, they do support the folkloric use of Mondia Whitei roots. 

Constituent analysis of Mondia Whitiei roots shows that it is rich in trace minerals including zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. The presence of high levels of zinc and magnesium may somewhat explan its male enhancement qualities. Magnesium is well-known to support the health of the circulatory system ie vasodilation. Zinc is an indespensible mineral for male sexual health including proper prostate function, overall endocrine system health and semen production.

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How long will it take to feel results from Mondia Whitei?

Time to effectiveness may vary. You should feel effects within 5-7 days. Follow the suggested use consistently to get the maximum effectiveness. Mondia Whitei has a cumulative effect and is most efficacious after a few days of consumption.

Suggested Use

Take 2 teaspoons twice daily.